Saturday, October 9, 2010


This week's FIAR title was Madeline. It is one of Boo's all-time favorite stories, she can recite most of it by heart. Here's what we did:

We took a walk each day at half past nine (smiling at the good and frowning at the bad)

We learned about germs from an episode of Reading Rainbow

We used critter counters to arrange the "twelve little girls" in groups of 2, 3 and 4 and of course, two straight lines

We learned about good handwashing habits. I gave Buzz and Boo each some vaseline to rub all over their hands and sprinkled on pepper to simulate germs
Then we headed to the bathroom where they saw germs being transfered on to the soap dispenser and the faucet. They learned that they need to wash their hands very well to get rid of the germs.

And when studying Paris, you have to make crepes!

We also had a fun time with our homeschool group this week learning about trains. One of the fathers is a train engineer and he gave a great talk all about modern day trains and answered tons of questions. The kids learned a lot, and so did I!

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