Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preschool Valentine's Activities

This week Boo finished lesson six in The Reading Lesson and is really taking off with her reading!

We've been reviewing the numbers 10-20 this week. We used our counting cards for a few different activities. We used heart counters with each card and Boo put them in order both forward and backward. Buzz and Boo liked throwing mini bean bags at the cards and then identifying whichever number the bean bag landed on. Boo's favorite number activity was when I sat at one end of the room with all of the cards spread out at the other end. I would call out a number and she would have to run and find it and bring it back as fast as she could.

 Buzz and Boo both love to do worksheets and asked for a lot of them this week. Boo's worksheets were simple addition problems, patterns and filling in missing letters and numbers (all with lots of hearts for Valentine's Day). Buzz's worksheets were Valentine's Day word problems.

 I made this one for review, matching capital and lower-case letters.

 We also used the heart gems from our sensory tub to practice patterns. Boo made some for me to complete and I made some for her.

 We used our Valentine's trays again this week and Buzz and Boo both spent a lot of time playing with our Valentine's Day playdough.

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