Friday, April 1, 2011

Craft Stick Math

I'm all about making learning cheap, easy and hands-on! Earlier this week I came across the craft sticks that I had labeled with the numbers 1-100 for our 100th Day sensory tub and I pulled them out to use again. I had Boo grab a handful of the sticks and tell me the number. She enjoyed this a lot more than I thought she would and she spread them out all over the table as she identified each number.

Since Buzz is beyond just identifying numbers I gave him a handful of randomly numbered craft sticks and he practiced putting them in order.

While he was working Buzz mentioned that this activity was just like playing Racko. So of course we had to break it out and play! (we have an older version from the early 90's, so I'm don't know what the updated version on Amazon is like)

If you've never played Racko before it's a great, simple game. The players try to be the first to put their numbered cards in order. The box says for kids 8 and up, but Buzz (6 years old) can play it no problem and Boo can play with minimal help from me.

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