Thursday, June 23, 2011

Princess Sensory Tub

In honor of Boo's birthday, our theme for school this week was princesses! I made a princess sensory tub to go along with our activities.
Inside we have:
Acrylic hearts from our Valentine's Day sensory tub
Sparkly beads
Costume jewelery (mostly from our Pretty Pretty Princess game)
Tiaras and shoes from Boo's Disney Princess Barbies
Acrylic gems
Pink and purple pom poms (both sparkly and plain)

I also made laminated cards with each of the Disney princesses on them. I hid one item to go along with each princess in the tub. Boo then had to find each one and match it to the correct card.
A glass slipper for Cinderella
A frog for Tiana
An apple for Snow White
A golden yarn braid for Rapunzel
A seashell for Ariel
A book for Belle
A spool of thread for Aurora

Boo loved the whole tub and especially the matching activity with the cards. She and Buzz took turns hiding the special items for each other and calling out the princesses to match.

Buzz actually had a lot of fun with this tub too. His favorite part has been sorting all of the different objects in a muffin tin.

They also set up a store and took turns buying the jewelry and gems from each other using the hearts as their currency.
I think this has been both Buzz and Boo's favorite sensory tub so far. I will definitely be doing more matching activities in future tubs too!

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