Friday, July 1, 2011

Boo's First Real Haircut!

Boo has been asking to get her hair cut in to a bob since before Christmas but we agreed that she would wait until after her dance recital so that we would be able to pull it up and out of her face. My mom was in town (along with my dad) for her recital so we made it into a girl's day and headed out to get her hair cut and to lunch the day after her recital. She was so excited to be getting her long awaited hair cut that she was practically giddy while she was sitting in the chair at the salon!

The most exciting part was that her hair was long enough that she was able to donate it. We talked about what a blessing that her donation would be to someone else and she seemed very proud.

 The braids that she donated ended up being just over 8 inches long!

She loves her new 'do and I think she looks cute as a button!

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