Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum

We school year-round here, so we're still finishing up our '10-'11 school year and we'll start the new year after Labor Day. It took me longer than I thought it would to decide this year.
The two biggest deciding factors were the kids' interests (Buzz is very interested in American History right now) and the fact the Ruben will mostly likely be deploying for six months early next year.
 I had originally wanted to plan my own unit study but in the end I decided that something that is planned out for me will work out better for us with Daddy away.
So after much deliberation, our 2011-2012 curriculum:
Buzz - 2nd Grade
Math: Finishing up Mathematical Reasoning through December (undecided after that)
Art: Adventures in My Father's World AND Weekly Art Classes
PE: Soccer
Language Arts: First Language Lessons
Reading: Buzz will be reading a variety of chapter books which I have selected based on reading level and interest

Boo - Kindergarten
Boo is 5, which technically makes her of kindergarten age, but all of her coursework is 1st grade. We call her a kindergartner for the purpose of being with kids her own age in Sunday school, dance etc.
Math: Finishing up Mathematical Reasoning  through December (undecided after that)
PE: Dance
Language Arts: First Language Lessons
Reading: Boo will be reading one story from The Beginner's Bible each day. She will also be reading the Circle C Beginnings series along with the activity pages from the Circle C Beginnings website. Subsequent readers TBD

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  1. Here from the hop. That looks like a great plan. We enjoyed MFW for 1st grade last year.