Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our School Room

Our school room is in what would normally be considered the dining room.
 Our "school table" is where the kids do any seated work.

See my cute little supply organizer? It's a smaller version of this one from See Jamie Blog.

To the left of the table is this storage set-up, with my laminator, label maker, tot trays and other random stuff on the shelves. The cabinet holds items to be used for tot school and math manipulatives.

To the right of the table is an identical storage set-up, only this one is empty right now. When all of this year's curriculum arrives in the mail (some time this week!) This will be it's home.

This is our calendar area. In the blank wall space next to the calendar I'll be hanging our weekly memory verse and whatever else I may feel like displaying.

This is the wall opposite the calendar area. The cube shelves hold workbooks and some of my books as well as construction paper. The little cube shelf with the drawers holds supplies that aren't used as often as the ones in the supply organizer on the table. Velcro dots, stapler, push pins etc. The cabinet is full of art supplies.

 The school room is where most of our supplies are kept and where any seated work is done, but "school" may happen anywhere in the house.

I usually read a chapter or two from our current read-aloud at the kitchen table while the kids are eating lunch.

And of course the couch is the very best place for school, even if your two little sisters are bugging you while you're trying to read ;)

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