Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Pair of Red Clogs

This week we rowed A Pair of Red Clogs by Masako Matsuno
It's a sweet story about a little girl who damages her wooden clogs and decides to try to trick her mother into buying her a new pair. Boo loved this story and we read it many more than five times this week.

We talked about Japan being an island and found it on our world map. Buzz and Boo both made two lapbook components, one is a map and one is the Japanese flag. Both are from Homeschool Share.

We read the book What Will the Weather Be? and talked about weather.

Buzz and Boo used their slippers to play the weather telling game from the story.

We read Taro and the Tofu, another sweet story by Masako Matsuno.

We used COAH's Stewardship study, which tied into the story really well.

Buzz did the story problems from Homeschool Share. He loves story problems and he really loves when the problems are based on whatever we're reading.

Buzz and Boo said that their favorite part of the week was sitting on pillows on the floor and eating dinner on a low table like Mako's family.

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