Monday, March 21, 2011

Where's Bean?

So I've been informed that Bean is not featured enough around here. In fact my parents have started playing "Where's Bean?" (like Where's Waldo?) with my pictures of Buzz and Boo, trying to find her in the background. I assure you that Bean is still alive and well, making our lives a whole lot cuter! She is now 8 months old and has really developed more of a personality in the last 6 weeks or so. She has been rolling over for a couple of months now and for a while log rolling was her method of getting around. Now she alternates between army crawling (or Air Force crawling if you ask Boo) and crawling on her hands and knees.
She shocked us a bit last week. Ruben and I were in the kitchen starting dinner while Boo was reading on the couch in the living room and Bean was playing on the floor. All of a sudden Boo starting shouting that we needed to come in to the living room quick! We thought something was wrong and rushed in only to discover that Bean had crawled over to her activity table and pulled herself up! She was happily standing there pounding on the table and making noise. She's been pulling up since and I see cruising on the horizon.
She learned how to clap this week and claps enthusiastically whenever she's excited. She is also babbling a lot and now has four teeth! She loves her activity table and her busy block right now, but her favorite is when we fill a laundry basket with some of her toys. She loves to tip it over and pull everything out.
So here are a few pictures of what Bean's days are filled with:

Playing with her activity table


Playing with her busy block


Playing with Daddy

Playing with Boo

 and Buzz

 and helping them fold their laundry

 Playing with her favorite, a laundry basket full of toys!

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