Friday, March 11, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Printables

I hadn't planned on doing any St. Patrick's Day activities, but Buzz informed me that we are supposed to do crafts, activities and printables for every holiday (who knew?) so I made up some printables and I'm planning a few crafts and activities for next week.

My kids love spot the difference activities! Just circle the things that are different in the picture on the right from the one on the left. I print just about everything that I can on cardstock and laminate it to use with dry erase markers. That way I can just store it for Bean to use in the future.

This addition printable is for Buzz. The idea is to solve each addition problem and put it in on the right color on the rainbow (for example 3+4=7 so he would write 3+4 in one of the circles on the yellow stripe). 

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