Friday, September 30, 2011

100+ Hour Reader!

This summer both Buzz and Boo participated in our library's reading program this summer. The rewards were earned for number of hours read instead of number of books read. Boo ended up reading 80 hours total and Buzz read 120 hours! All of the kids who reached 100 or more hours of reading by the end of the summer were invited for a special award ceremony this week. The librarians gave a speech about how kids who love to read can be reading ambassadors in their communities to help other kids who may not enjoy reading by sharing book suggestions. Each kid was asked to stand up front and share what their favorite book of the summer was and why. Buzz was really nervous about having to talk in front of so many people but he a great job!

Then the librarians handed out a certificate to each child.

Buzz was excited to be recognized for his love of reading and we are so proud of him! Way to go Buzz!

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