Friday, September 16, 2011

Adventures in MFW- Week 3

Here's a peek at what we learned in Adventures this week:

Bible- Buzz and Boo made Jesus window posters by using an iron to melt crayon shaving between pieces of wax paper

Social Studies- We learned about Jamestown settlement

Science- We continued to talk about air this week. We did an experiment where we filled a cup with water and laid a piece of cardboard on top. Then we inverted the cup and cardboard and discovered that the water stayed in the cup because air was pushing up on the cardboard. This thrilled Buzz and Boo and they both tried it several times!

Boo finished lesson 19 in The Reading Lesson and continued to read a chapter each day from Andi's Pony Trouble

Buzz is reading The Littles

Read-Aloud- We finished Charlotte's Web on Monday. As part of Adventures we are supposed to be reading Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims during week 3 and week 4 but Buzz and Boo were begging for more so we finished it this week.

Extracurriculars/Family Stuff- We had our first official day of co-op today. It went really well! Boo gushed about how much fun she had and Buzz was very proud that he didn't get lost at all (first graders and up have to get themselves to their classes each period and the church is pretty large).

Buzz had his first soccer game of the season and had a great time!

And of course we've been spending a ton of time outside enjoying this beautiful fall-like weather.


  1. I like the effect of crayon inside the wax paper! I wonder if that's work for some fall leaf-type activities? Thanks for sharing.

  2. what a great week you have had! the Jesus posters came out so nice!!! looking forward to seeing next week! praying it will be a great one for you all!

  3. I still have the girls Jesus posters hanging in my sun room from last year! Thanks for sharing and linking up!