Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

Ruben is on leave this week so we decided it was time to head somewhere that we've been wanting to visit for years (ya know before we move away in two months and all): Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos.

We had originally planned to spend the better part of a week there but it was our first time staying all together in one hotel room since Bean was born and let's suffice it to say she's not a stellar sleeper even when she's in her own room so we decided to make it just a two day, one night mini-vacation.

As soon as we got checked in we took a look around before heading up to our room to put on our swim suits. I had requested a room on the top floor because I figured that way we wouldn't have to worry about people in the rooms above us jumping around and making a lot of noise. It worked out great!

Great Wolf provides life jackets for any child who needs one so we chose to have all of our kiddos wear them even though Buzz is a pretty good swimmer. Two parents, three kids, better safe than sorry. On our first day Buzz wanted to tackle the big water slides right away so he and Ruben headed off in that direction while I checked out some of the more tame attractions with the girls.

Boo loved the smaller water slides and the wave pool. I mostly just held Bean or she sat on my lap in the most shallow parts of the water. She isn't a big fan of water. After Buzz rode all of the slides that he was tall enough to ride (again and again and again), he begged me to go down a couple of them with him. I'm not a ride person at all, you'll never see me ride on a roller coaster and before this I had never been on a water slide, but Buzz was so excited that I just couldn't say no.

Ruben told me which slides weren't quite as fast and crazy as the rest and we started with those. I ended up having a lot of fun! We tried to convince Boo to try a couple of the slides but she wasn't feeling it so we left and got changed for dinner.

We ate at the at the lodge at the Loose Moose Cottage. There weren't a ton of options on the menu but we all found something that looked good and everyone enjoyed their meal.

The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast and loaded our bags back in the van. Check-out is at 11 but you are able to stay and use the water park until 4. We put our suits back on and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon having more water fun.

Boo decided that she would try a big water slide just once and as soon as she did she was hooked! She spent the rest of the day trying out each of the slides over and over again.

I was so proud of Boo for overcoming her fear! By the end of the day she was even going down the slides all by herself, way to go Boo!

Our family had a blast and we will definitely be going again at some point in the future!

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