Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adventures in MFW- Week 1

This has been our first week of the new school year and the first week of using our new curriculum: Adventures in My Father's World. Up until this year I was piecing things together on my own and it worked out fine but I have to admit we didn't get to science or history as often as I would have liked. I think that having everything laid out for me in Adventures is really going to help!

Here a peek at what we learned about in Adventures this week:

Bible- This year we'll be learning about the different names of Jesus so as an introduction to that we talked about the meaning of Buzz and Boo's names. Ruben and I wrote them each a letter explaining why we chose the name that we did for each of them. Buzz read his once and filed it in his notebook. Boo read her letter again and again (and again!) all week long.

Social Studies- Buzz and Boo learned the Pledge of Allegiance, worked on basic map skills and learned about Vikings.

Science- We talked about what scientists do. We also did an experiment where we filled one glass with fresh water and one with salt water, then placed an egg in each glass to see what would happen. Both Buzz and Boo had predicted that the egg would float in the salt water and they were right!

Aside from Adventures:

Reading (aloud to me)- Boo is still finishing up The Reading Lesson

Buzz is reading The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

Read-aloud- We started Homer Price

How did this week go?

Buzz really isn't liking All About Spelling, he gets easily frustrated.

 Both kids are really liking the art program that comes along with Adventures. They also really enjoy all things science which is surprising to me because it has always been my least favorite subject (to take and to teach).

Extracurriculars/Family Stuff- Buzz's soccer season started this week, he seems to be having a great time. His first game is next Saturday.
Ruben had a few this week where he didn't end up having to go in to work so we had a lot of family time. Unfortunately he had to go out of town today and miss the long weekend though.
Bean and I both got sick at the end of the week, I'm hoping the other kids don't catch it.

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