Friday, September 9, 2011

Adventures in MFW- Week 2

Here's a peek at what we learned in Adventures in week:

Bible- Buzz and Boo took turns reading the Bible verses from the Discoverer's Bible. Boo is absolutely in love with this Bible! She takes it to bed with her every night.

They both started their Jesus posters this week too and will be adding to them throughout the year as we learn more about the names of Jesus.

Social Studies- We learned about Christopher Columbus and read aloud from American Pioneers and Patriots. Buzz is really enjoying it!

Science- We talked about air and did two different experiments. The first was waving a piece of cardstock to create air to move a piece of paper across a table. The science book suggested doing this as a race, which we did, bad idea for my super competitive kids. It turned into more of a lesson in discipline and self-control than science.

The second experiment was lowering an empty water bottle into a tub of water to see the air escaping the bottle as bubbles. Both kids thought this was pretty neat and tried it again and again. Plus this experiment didn't end in tears or timeouts- bonus!


Boo is on lesson 19 in The Reading Lesson and also began Andi's Pony Trouble this week. This book is a big hit for my horse lovin' girl. (Shh... don't tell her but I've got the next three books in the series hidden in my closet for later this year)

Buzz finished The Bears on Hemlock Mountain (he gave it two thumbs up) and began The Littles

Read-Aloud- We finished Homer Price and began Charlotte's Web. Charlotte's Web has always been one of my favorite books so I'm loving that Buzz and Boo are enjoying it so much!

Extracurriculars/Family Stuff- Buzz started a homeschool art class this week and really enjoyed it! It's a ten week class with the first 5 weeks being drawing and painting and the last 5 weeks being pottery. While Buzz is at his class I have "girls time" with Boo and Bean. Boo is very excited about it!

Today we had the orientation for a co-op that we joined this year which starts next week. Buzz and Boo are both a bit apprehensive about it having never participated in anything like this on such a grand scale before (there are 280 kids participating!) so it was nice to take them on a tour to check everything out ahead of time.


  1. I know all too well about competetive children:)Looks like a fun week! The books they are reading look like ones I need to check out. Blessings!

  2. Looks like you have some fun reading going on at your house! We enjoyed reading Andi books too. Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  3. I had a giggle over the science experiment turning into a lesson of self control. I know that all to well! Thank you for sharing!:)

  4. thanks for the book suggestion, I also have a 2nd grader doing adventures. She loves horses.

  5. My girls like reading from the Discoverers Bible too! The Andi's books are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lessons in self-control and discipline ... yep, we have those here, too! :) I'm visiting from the MFW Weekly Wrap-Up. I enjoyed reading about your week - very sweet memories of last year when we did Adventures! Hope your week is blessed! :)