Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bug Sensory Tub

We'll be taking a break from sensory tubs for a while as we focus on other things at the beginning of the new school year but I had to make this last one at Buzz's request :)
I dyed some rice green for the base then added bugs from this toob, wind-up bugs, bug catching gear, sticky bugs, fake flowers (I also added leaves after taking the picture) and a little wooden ladybug box. 
Everything was purchased at Target, Dollar Tree and Michael's

Buzz loved the sticky bugs and started shooting them right away

Boo spent a long time pouring the rice into various containers

Of course Bean had to get in on the action

Buzz matched all of the bugs with bug flashcards (Target dollar spot)

Bean liked that the rice stuck to the sticky bugs

She also really enjoyed the sensation of the rice in the hands

Buzz played with the bugs a lot. He really enjoyed matching the to the flashcards and pretending to catch them with the different nets and containers. Boo and Bean liked the rice the best, so now I know I can just fill a tub with rice and some containers and they'll have a blast together!

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